Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Love Drunk Natural Botanical Perfume in my Flower & Spirit Shop!

You MUST try a sample of my Flower & Spirit Love Drunk perfume!

Highly concentrated (about 17%) parfum strength Jasmine, two kinds of Rose, Oak Moss, Lemon, and Neroli paired with flower essences to enhance their heart-opening effect . . . 

Oh, what a wonderful world! Your heart is wide open. You’re blossoming and buzzed on life. You’ve fallen in love again, with yourself, with the world, with the ones that you love. You’re LOVE DRUNK.

No phthalates, parabens or synthetics. 93-95% organic with ethically wildcrafted or sustainably grown ingredients whenever possible.

Enjoy it, knowing the impact on yourself will be life-enhancing and your impact on the Earth will be small.

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