Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Strange Magic Natural Botanical Perfume by Flower and Spirit

Here's one of my newest creations! This all natural botanical perfume made with essential oils, absolutes and flower essences in pure organic jojoba oil makes me SO happy! Unlike several of my other perfumes, this one is not based on anything I've done for Mama Love. Instead it was inspired by my favorite time of year in Chico, CA—when the ground is still moist from the last of the late spring rains and the orange trees are in bloom.

Chico is pleasant but not a terribly exotic place. But in late May and early June—for just a few short weeks—the scent of Neroli wafts through the tree-lined streets and combines with the woodsy earthy smell of the ground beneath your feet. You feel lifted up, held in a sweet embrace, sensually alive, the world full of promise and enchantment. Your heart opens wide and fills with joy, prosperity and abundance. . . transformed by a STRANGE MAGIC

I LOVE this perfume!

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