Friday, October 21, 2016

Are You Suffering From Election Stress Disorder?

It's a thing. The American Psychological Association says that more than 50% of Americans say the election is causing them severe stress. And Mama Love has noted your pain: my most popular products right now are Releasing Worry and Fear and Soothing the Angry Heart with Restful Sleep and Support for Troubled Times close behind. And people are buying the large sizes! (Which is more economical so you can feel free to use it liberally! I've been using these as my daily after-bath oil instead of body lotion.) An interesting choice some people have been making: Open-Hearted Loving! My customers inspire me sometimes so I gave it a try. Yeah, it's appropriate! I've been carrying tension in my chest this election and Open-Hearted Loving is great for the Heart chakra. I found it quite relaxing. And, yes, I always get asked this question: you CAN use more than one at the same time! (I certainly do.)

I have an ELECTION SPECIAL in my Etsy shop right now: my three top-sellers as a set for 30% off.

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