Saturday, October 01, 2016

"Azriel Dancer" by Bob Jenkins is a Wild Ride!

Woo-hoo! Today's the day that my friend Bob Jenkins's new book "Azriel Dancer" launches on I read it -- it's great! And it's really affordable right now in honor of the launch. If you like fantasy / sci fi or have an interest in Hindu mysticism with an American twist, I recommend it. And it's set right here in northern California! Check it out! 

Here's the review I wrote for

When I first heard about “Azriel Dancer”—part feminist New Age Hindu fantasy, part Marine-style gritty action thriller–-I thought, “No way is this the book for me!” But I admit to having been curious about the feminist Hindu part so I decided to give it a try. Starting on page one, the genius of Bob Jenkins’s storytelling drew me in: evocative descriptive prose with a ring of truth at times that could only come from real life experience combined with imaginative worlds and situations beyond my imagining, very human character development, and the occasional flash of humor that surprised, delighted me and sometimes made me laugh out loud. Partway into a description of spiritual communion I found myself inspired and moved. After an hour flew by without me noticing, I realized that I was REALLY enjoying the story!

But this isn’t a book for everyone. Mind-blowing spiritual exaltation juxtaposes with horrifically disturbing demonic imagery, purposely contrasting utopian fantasy with nightmarish apocalyptic hell. Of course, this is as it should be in a novel about the ultimate battle of good versus evil! But even in the nightmarish parts—well, especially then (lol)–-the storytelling grabs you by the throat and doesn’t cease to keep you enthralled.

Quite the first novel! And quite the adventure for the reader as well.


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Cheryl Taylor said...

I LOVED this book! Can't wait for the other three to come out!


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