Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Custom Flower Essence Formulas

I've decided to add custom Reiki-infused flower essence formulas to my Etsy shop. They come with a 1/2 hour email consultation, about 2-3 email exchanges, to help sort what should be included.

This listing is very important to me because, even though my ready-made formulas are great for a wide range of issues, the best approach for working with flower essences is often to hone in on exactly what would help most. Using my intuition and training as a flower essence practitioner in conjunction with the usual back and forth interaction you would expect in any consultation can be really helpful! (It's also fun for me.)

In particular I think this is useful because often people who are excited about flower essences want to tackle too much at once. When I've offered custom formulas without consultation, they often say "I want the formula to do this! But wait, I also have this going on, can we add something for that? Oh! And then there's this other thing, maybe we should add something for that!" Next thing I know they're asking for a formula that is sure to give them problems because they're trying to tackle too much at once.

ONE issue per formula is the best approach to using flower essences, generally speaking. Sometimes there are interlocking issues that can be addressed at once but it is important to narrow the field down to a single healing subject at a time so your body/mind can successfully integrate it. The 1/2 hour consult can help you do that. You'll find it in this listing. The cost is $45. We can typically do that via email or Etsy convo if we're online at the same time.

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