Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Flower Essences with Aromatherapy for Spiritual Bliss and Wellbeing

 Quite a long time ago now I had a spiritual opening that changed my life forever. At this point, I say "Yay!" But back then . . . well, having your world view turned upside down isn't for sissies

There's information in the above link for people dealing with issues of spiritual emergence or spiritual emergency, but more often beginners on the trail want advice on how to access their spiritual guidance, how to work with it, and how to feel more grounded and safe.

I have lots of great information in the two links above but I have always found flower essences and flower essences combined with aromatherapy to be of service to me and I have many formulas on my list that can be helpful. If you're having extremely challenging experiences with spiritual awakening and guidance, first get help! Read my articles linked above and follow the advice there. My "Releasing Worry and Fear" or "Support for Troubled Times" might be of service but they can't do the work alone. You need to get grounded and find additional forms of support.

"Trusting Inner Guidance" is another one I highly recommend for people wanting to feel safer working with their inner guidance. It contains Angelica, Star Tulip, Lotus, and Purple Monkeyflower flower essences for increased awareness of spiritual sources of support, expanded insight and meditative focus, along with emotional balance, calm and clarity around spiritual / psychic phenomena. You can buy it as a flower essence dosage strength dropper bottle, or as an oil or scented spray for topical use only with Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Angelica, and Clary Sage essential oils added for enhanced meditative relaxation, spiritual awareness and expansive vision balanced with groundedness and a feeling of safety. I also have unscented flower essence sprays for people who like to use flower essences in the aura or find the sprays more convenient without additional scent.

"Clearing Negativity" is also one I find helpful because it is so important to get into as clear a space as possible when accessing your guidance. It's available in a dropper bottle, as an unscented flower essence spray or scented oil (great as an anointing oil) but I typically use the scented spray because it's like a smokeless smudge. I spray it around my body (in the aura if you prefer) with the same intention as I would use in any tradition that prepares for spiritual practice with a cleansing ritual. I use ingredients from Christian, Buddhist and Native American traditions to make it: Lotus, Sage, Angelica flower essences and Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh essential oils.

Other spiritually oriented formulas you may wish to check out are Manifesting Life Purpose (for finding your purpose and ways to integrate it with your daily work),  Inner Strength and Protection (for those who feel overly empathic or sensitive), and Renewed Faith and Optimism (for those who feel depressed or discouraged on the spiritual path).

To be honest, ALL my Mama Love products are spiritual in orientation. They are all spiritually guided and infused with Reiki to be the most beneficial products I can make. But if you are specifically interested in spiritual practice, these are the ones I think of most.

I have a special in my Etsy shop right now: you can get five of my scented 1 oz flower essence oils or sprays in a boxed set for 30% off in my Etsy shop. Or choose five UNSCENTED 1 oz dropper bottles or unscented sprays in a boxed set for the same discount.

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