Sunday, October 09, 2016

The Benefits of Using Body Oil Instead of Lotion

Well, when the oil comes from Mama Love or Flower and Spirit, it is organic jojoba oil with natural botanical flower essences and essential oils. . .  and jojoba is the oil that is MOST like the oil your own skin produces. There no emulsifiers or preservatives required and NO toxic chemicals! Since your skin soaks up 65% of what you put on it, this is very important. (Why would you want to expose yourself to such ingredients over such a large surface of your body?) And, contrary to popular belief, if you use body oil the right way it will not clog your pores! 

What is the "right" way? Use far less than you think you need -- far less than your favorite lotion or skin cream! If you apply it to damp skin when you first get out of the shower, all you really need to do is rub a few drops between your hands and lightly apply to your body. Only 1 drop is needed for your whole face! 

Almost a year ago I put a bottle of one of my body oils on my bathroom sink counter and got in the habit of using it every day because I loved the feeling of the flower essence and essential oil formula I was using! It made me feel so much better about myself I decided to make it part of my daily routine. What I did not expect was how soft my skin would feel--BONUS! And, obviously, isn't that what most people want an after-bath body lotion or oil to do? I haven't gone back to lotions or creams since.

The oils in my Flower and Spirit shop match the perfumes I make and are made at a strength suitable for everyone including small children, elderly or people who are ill. The oils in my Mama Love shop are meant to be therapeutic and have a slightly higher essential oil content but are still aromatherapy strength suitable for most people.

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