Monday, October 31, 2016

The Step by Step Path in Flower Essence Therapy

I should say "the step by step path" in ANY form of emotional healing and transformation! But since I'm focusing on the Flower Essence Path, whether you are using the traditional Bach Flower Remedies or any other, it is important to realize that taking one remedy may not be enough because it's like opening one door to reveal another. Frequently, the reason for one set of issues is lack of a healthy resolution of an earlier set.

For example, in an earlier post I talked about using a flower essence formula for relieving tension in my jaw and a self-awareness crisis that occurred to help me with that. I realized I was habitually leaning on my hand on the left side and that was why my jaw was out of alignment. But WHY was I in that habitual habit? Partly, it's because I always sit on the same side of the couch but it's also a response to emotional fatigue and overwhelm.

And where did that come from? Unresolved and ongoing disappointments along my chosen economic path. Very frustrating and potentially depressing. So, as is my habit, I have not been allowing myself to feel the despair for fear of triggering a more serious depression.

So now what is happening as I continue with my original jaw tension issue formula? More ability to laugh—Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert seem much more funny now. But also, much more awareness of the grief that's unresolved underneath.

Ironically, I made a flower essence for other people yesterday for grief as a result of the loss of a loved one. But today I thought it could be used for other kinds of loss and mixed some up for myself.

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