Friday, November 04, 2016

Flower Essence for Increased Patience

This blog post won't seem like it's about patience at first . . . but be patient with me! I'll get there!

This is how it started. I wrote:

It's really hard to get things done sometimes. So many distractions. Should I do this or should I do that? The problem really being that I don't necessarily want to be doing anything right now, I just think I ought to! How to listen to my heart when my heart and my head don't agree? My head says "Get this work done!" My heart says "I don't wanna!" And my bank account says "I really should do something, right?"

This is getting to be a common problem so I thought I'd check my guidance for a flower essence to break the spell.

Corn Flower Essence was chosen: for my soul's desire for spaciousness, freedom really, the desire to be free from the confines of modern life experience! Big time. Combined with a need to learn how to manifest properly on this plane, the human plane of existence. Sad, sad, sad. Those are the feelings. So I continued with the healing required and came up with: Corn flower essence combined with Impatiens (for Divine timing instead of forced timing) and Larch for feeling more positive about the outcome of whatever I do so I won't drag my feet so much. And that, not long ago, was the same as what I was guided to create for my next flower essence formula, Mama Love for Increased Patience!

But, but ... I don't think I'm talking about patience here unless it's patience with process (getting more tedious things done such as the items on my list). Or patience with not being in control of my life experience 100% (I do have to get things done or I won't succeed at my true heart's desire as a human -- making more products, for example). Or how about patience with being human? I'm not always so patient with that -- pushing forward when I really need to rest, not wanting to stop to eat, not wanting to get up and exercise, stuff like that. Pesky human things!

Of course, then the Libra part of my brain says "what if my real problem is laziness?!!!" Ah yes, it wasn't Libra who spoke up just then. More likely her father scolding lovely Libra who'd rather take a nap! What does lovely Libra really need to hear? Of course you'd rather be free! Who wouldn't? Just picking flowers, eating chocolate, taking naps, sure! That's also what Impatiens is for. For proceeding at the slow pace of the moment because I'm tired from working too hard, at least in my mind: Donald Trump this, Donald Trump that, Hillary? Oh @#$%! Dakota Access Pipeline. Climate change, war. What else is on my mind? What isn't? And there's no time! We have to deal with it NOW!

Well, next week some of this will be over. Somebody will be declared the next president. The rest of us will have to wait four years to elect someone else. There'll be opportunities for taking action even while we're waiting. But some things are just going to take their own sweet time. Better get used to it.

Mama Love for Increased Patience? Might as well give it a try.

UPDATE: (a few minutes later) I did try it and my first impression is WOW. Incredibly grounding! (I didn't know I was ungrounded.) And I DO feel much more patient. Like maybe I'll have some pumpkin pie and THEN get something done. Like, why not?!!!

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