Sunday, November 20, 2016

Flower Essences with Aromatherapy for Post-Election Stress

Star of Bethlehem
A lot of people are going through post-election stress! If you're feeling anxious, having a hard time sleeping or focusing on other aspects of your life, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! For one thing, I'm right in there with you. But therapists are reporting that almost all their clients are talking about nothing else and old clients are coming back for extra help.

People with PTSD are particularly being triggered. Women just "saw" their rapist elected president or their uncle who molested them as a kid. Muslims have just had their worst fears realized and were already feeling traumatized throughout his campaign. Dreamer kids are freaking out. A friend of mine who teaches at Chico State has been comforting terrified Muslim and Latino students who are already experiencing racial violence and harassment on campus even if they were born in the United States. Black Americans are rightfully concerned about the selection of overtly racist people like Stephen Bannon and Senator Jeff Sessions to the Trump cabinet and LGBTQ people are horrified by his vice-president Mike Pence. As are women. I could actually fill up this whole blog with links!

Deep breath!

There are starting to be articles, of course, about how to cope with post-election stress. The Atlantic, for example, offered this even before the election was over. And since the election I have seen more and more articles on the subject every day. Cosmopolitan Magazine offers a to-the-point list of suggestions. And there's even some fun suggestions like this one from NPR that suggests that baking muffins might be helpful!

Okay, I imagine you're getting impatient. What about flower essences and aromatherapy?!!

Try these:

Mama Love Support for Troubled Times : for trauma, grief, loss, and pain. When you don't know how you're going to cope and the need for comfort is so great it feels like it would have to come from the Great Mother herself. (The formula that started me on the path of making flower essence with aromatherapy products in the first place.)

Mama Love for Releasing Worry and Fear: my best-selling formula of all time! And the one I'm using right now.

Mama Love for Restful Nights (used to be called Restful Sleep): For deep relaxation before bed but I also strongly recommend using it earlier in the evening as well as before bed right now!

Mama Love for Soothing the Angry Heart: helpful for releasing not only anger but the grief, shock and pain that often lies underneath.

You can get my three top-selling stress reduction formulas as a set for 30% off in my Etsy shop.

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