Friday, November 04, 2016

Is There a Problem with Ready-Made Flower Essence Formulas Other than Rescue Remedy?

Yes! Of course there is! Flower Essences are not a one-size fits all solution to generic problems! On the other hand, even Dr. Edward Bach recognized that there are many occasions when a one size fits most remedy like Rescue Remedy is good to have around.

As a flower essence practitioner and spiritual counselor who has based all my work on staying in integrity as much as possible (hence my small bank account, she says with a frown), it is no small deal for me to go against the conventional Bach practitioner training on this. In fact, that's why my business started with flower essences added to essential oils in jojoba and then infused with Reiki for topical use. I figured that if you were the person for whom the flower essences chosen were not the ideal pick, then the essential oils and Reiki certainly would fill in the gap.

But as time went on, I felt I should add flower essence only spray formulas to my shop and then started to add conventional dropper bottle formulas in. Why? Because people don't have the time or money to consult with flower essence practitioners as much as they used to anymore. And when the right flower essences are chosen they can do you a lot of good!

I, of course, have offered flower essence consultation and custom flower essence formulas all along. And I more recently added a listing for that in my Etsy shop. That IS usually the ideal way to use a flower essence only formula and it is what I recommend. But after 13 years with many repeat customers I can confidently add that ready-made flower essence formulas combined with essential oils and Reiki was an awesome idea! And I also confidently recommend my ready-made dropper bottles for those who feel it would fit the situation at hand. I ask for guidance and both dowse and use my training to pick those that would be best for the average person looking to address their problems using this modality in the normal way. If you are not familiar with flower essences, this is probably not the right approach for you.

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