Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Surfing the Waves with Rock Rose Bach Flower Remedy

Whoa!! Have you ever seen the monster waves at Mavericks? 50 foot waves are not unheard of. Only the bravest -- or most foolish -- attempt to ride them and not everyone survives.

There are times when our lives can feel that scary. And people, either because of past conditioning or circumstances beyond their control, often need to surf emotional waters that bring them to a state of panic or intense anxiety.

Rock Rose brings people into a core of safety within — grounded, calm and secure — so they can react more positively, respond most proactively, and find their footing in shaky territory.

I highly recommend the use of Rock Rose. I have benefited from it so much that I make use of it in three flower essence formulas I make as well as flower essence with aromatherapy blends.

My most popular formula with Rock Rose in it is Releasing Worry and Fear. You can find it as a flower essence dosage bottle, unscented flower essence spray, a spray enhanced with essential oils for external use only, and in my oil formulas with essential oils (suitable for massage, body oil or bath). A purse-sized oil formula is available as well as a variation that can be used like a perfume.

I also use Rock Rose in a flower essence spray designed for pets who have recently suffered the loss of a caregiver. But there are times a person might suffer a loss like that, too, and it's appropriate for them as well.

And one more: one of the newest additions to my line, Calm Focus, uses Rock Rose to help calm people prone to overwhelm and inability to concentrate due to too many distractions. That one is also available in multiple forms: dosage bottle, flower essence spray, scented spray, scented oil or purse-sized scented oil.

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