Friday, November 11, 2016

The Importance of Comfort and Joy! (Flower Essence Formula, that is.)

Mama Love for Comfort and Joy Flower Essence Formula
When I first wrote about Mama Love for Comfort and Joy for Etsy I joked that it was the one I needed to use more often! It was designed to help people relax, lighten up, enjoy the moment and have more fun. And -- for that reason -- I never have taken this formula very seriously! Oops.

I take it seriously now because it has been doing me a lot of good!

It contains Larch, Zinnia, and Rock Water flower essences and I always believed it was for
increased feelings of self-confidence and spontaneity, childlike humor and playfulness, and for increased capacity to flow with events and enjoy them. And it is, but I assumed too little about it.

I originally described this as being mostly for people, like myself, who slip into patterns of being way too serious, hard on myself, even workaholic. I was brought up with a severe work ethic which counteracts the joy a person ought to expect in a life regardless of what one's paycheck is. But this is a way more significant formula than just being able to loosen up and have more fun (although it is great for that). No, this formula has made such an obviously significant difference in me having more positive and light-hearted expectations that I no longer go to bed terrified at night, fearing for my future! I'm no longer using my Releasing Worry and Fear formula  at night so I can sleep. In fact, when this effect first started to take hold I started to worry that maybe I was going to lose the drive to work so hard and put myself in jeopardy! Ha ha, no! I still work hard. But I can put the work down now and sleep at night, I worry far less and laugh more often. It helps me let go of the need to control the future (which is an illusion anyway), notice the funny side of life, and relax enough to enjoy the ride.

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