Thursday, December 01, 2016

Flower Essences for Abundant Prosperity?

Why on earth would I create a flower essence formula for “abundant prosperity”? After all, I’m not making “magic” potions, I’m making products for emotional wellness and upliftment. So let me be honest here: I want abundant prosperity and I do believe that releasing blocks a person might have for getting there (or enjoying what prosperity they already have) is the key. This formula is for feeling more joy, more gratefulness and more peace within. That’s what a person who has abundant prosperity would feel in their lives. And that’s where we begin. What you do with that joy and gratefulness will be so much greater than what you could do from a place of feeling oppressed, fearful, depressed or hopeless, so much greater than a place of despair. It might even be fun.

You can even spray Abundant Prosperity around the room and share it with your loved ones! I have done that many times -- it IS fun!

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