Friday, December 02, 2016

Flower Essences for "Life Purpose"

I make a flower essence formula called "Manifesting Life Purposeas well as sprays and oils that include the added benefits of aromatherapy. My thinking when I first made this formula was that people often need help with what they should be when they grow up and how to get there! Often the question comes in the form of "how do I achieve my life purpose?" because, more than anything, many of us grew up with the idea that the very best way to make a living is to do something we love, and doing what we love must mean we're achieving our life purpose. Right?

Possibly . . . but not always. Life purpose doesn’t necessarily equate to how you make a living. Life purpose is what drives you and gives your life meaning whether it’s on the job or not. It’s a quality of presence—not “what” you do but “why.” Honestly, when you’re in touch with it well enough, you don’t think about it. It’s who you are and how you express yourself in the world. 

BUT when you integrate spiritual purpose into all that you do, getting up to go to work will have a greater meaning. For example: if your purpose is to bring joy to other people—to lift them up—you can fulfill that purpose in ANY job that involves people. Sure, you could be a counselor if that satisfies your calling. But you can also fulfill that purpose by being fun, genuinely caring, attentive and positively focused in any position: a bank teller who tells everyone to have a wonderful day in such a genuine way that they actually feel grateful, a waitress or sales clerk who makes people feel at home, a performer or artist who chooses to lift people up in what they do. What you bring to any job—what makes it a "good" day for you no matter what—matters more than the job itself (assuming the basics of being treated well and making enough money, etc. are there, too). 

But, for some people, a life purpose is best fulfilled in specific kinds of professions. If that applies to you, you will find my Manifesting Life Purpose formula particularly helpful as it helps you clarify your thinking, find inspiration to move you forward, and gives you the focus and inner presence to go out and do what matters most to you.

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