Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Abundance as an Intention Even in the Age of Trump

Abundant Prosperity Flower Essence Aromatherapy from Mama Love

I hate to be political but. . . I can't help but notice that a product of mine, "Abundant Prosperity," that was a moderately good seller, has pretty much fallen off the charts. It's like "abundance" has become a dirty word. And it certainly feels that way to me because now, maybe forever more, I associate it with the worst form of greed and horrific excess: the Trump residence all gilded in gold along with disgusting Trump behavior -- tweeting on his golden bathroom throne as just one example. It's no longer "fashionable" to want abundant prosperity. It's the antithesis of what many of us want to be associated with right now!

Of course, "Abundant Prosperity" isn't really about any of this! It was created when I was feeling poverty-stricken. I wanted more money -- I will admit that! But I always ask for guidance when I make a flower essence formula and the guidance received was intended to be for the highest benefit of all concerned. So it contains flower essences to heal blockages in the second chakra. And it contains essences and essential oil for lightening up and having more fun. It also contains essences for creative inspiration and focus.

Why? Because when you want to get out of poverty, you need to be creative. You also need to be less desperate, to feel positive enough to be able to let go and have more fun, allow for possibilities and still have the focus to take it further. For example, you get this great idea: wouldn't it be awesome to get to go on a cruise ship to some wonderful part of the world you've always wanted to see and get paid to do it? A friend of mine does this for a living now. He always wanted to make his living as a musician. And now he plays the piano on a cruise ship. Last I heard, he loved it! He's made friends, he travels the world, he gets paid to do what he loves, and has money building in his bank account besides.

But would a person ever do that if they couldn't believe it was possible in the first place?

That's what my "Abundant Prosperity" formulas are for! It's about feeling more prosperous in your own life--like you have all you need and more (or the way you would feel if you knew this was true)--and being able to manifest (create) from a healthy-feeling place instead of from feelings of abject poverty, fear and despair. This matters because we tend to attract what we focus on. We need to focus on how we want to feel. To say: "Yes! More of this, please! Thank you, [Universe, God] so much!" And it's so much easier to manifest good things when you're having fun!

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