Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Carob Marshmallow Organic Herb Tea Delight

Carob Marshmallow Delight Organic Herb Tea Blend
The newest addition to my Etsy shop is Carob Marshmallow Delight. I originally wanted to create a tasty blend that might be helpful as an after dinner tea for people who suffer from heartburn— Marshmallow Root and Nettles are an old folk remedy. But my chief tester and heartburn sufferer Paul refuses to even try it! He says that he was emotionally scarred for life by people trying to convince him that Carob tastes like chocolate!

Okay, this blend does not taste much like chocolate, maybe a little like milk chocolate, but only if you stretch your imagination a bit. But, even though I don't tend to get heartburn, this is now one of my favorite after-dinner drinks! It's really yummy, especially with honey and half-and-half! Try it and see!

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