Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Flower Essence Aromatherapy for Post-Election Stress

By Victor Bezrukov [CC BY 2.0 (], 
via Wikimedia Commons
In case you haven't visited my blog before, I make flower essence aromatherapy products infused with Reiki for emotional support. I make them for myself, then gave one particularly effective one away to friends, and they insisted I sell it and make it available to everyone else.

A number of people on my Facebook friends list (and my partner Paul's friends list), who are reeling about the results of the election and the aftermath, recently helped me think about needs they have right now in regards to emotional support. It was interesting and I am grateful for their feedback. I am hard at work following through on their suggestions. 

But A LOT of people wanted things I already make! So here's a link to my Mama Love Organics shop and links to the requests people mentioned most that I currently have available.

#1 request: Help for shock, trauma, extreme stress and grief. Sounds like it could be more than one formula but I actually have one pretty much made for these times -- the first formula I mentioned above that put me into business: Support for Troubled Times.

#2 request: Relief for worry, anxiety and fear. My most popular formula of all addresses this issue. It's called Releasing Worry and Fear.

#3 request: Help for being able to calm down enough to focus. One of my newest formulas is actually very good for that: Calm Focus

It was not requested but mentioned that an issue related to not being able to focus was having trouble sleeping. I've been using one I make for that myself! Restful Sleep (soon to be called "Restful Nights").

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