Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Flower Essences for Self-Nurturance Instead of Self-Soothing and Self-Sabotage

Soothing the Sensitive Soul

There’s been a need for a lot of self-soothing going on lately! (post-Trump election 2017). If some of us were inclined to act like small children, we’d be clutching our blankies or favorite stuffed animal and rocking back and forth while watching the evening news these days! We could shut it off. . . but no! We have to know what’s going on!!!! So rock we will, with our soda cans or beer, our cigarettes or big bowls of ice cream. 

And, ya know what, a little bit of that won’t kill us! 

On the other hand, this can be trouble if you are a person for which this behavior is inclined to get out of hand—and all of us fall into that at one time or another. (If you’re obsessively working out at the gym these days, lol, don’t get all superior!) We all grab our comforts when we can.

That said, how do we take care of ourselves in a way that won’t end up hurting us somewhere down the line? Self-nurturance with a mindful perspective could hold the key.

What makes you feel better in addition to these potential pitfall behaviors? Well, sitting on my porch with the TV, cell phone and computer turned off, drinking a cup of tea and watching the people, birds and squirrels passing by does a lot for me. Going for a swim, walks in the park, meditating, yoga, a nice hot bath with some soothing essential oils or flower essences, healthy food that also tastes good! Those are a lot of my old standbys. . . when I commit myself to doing them!

A friend online asked for help sticking to a similar commitment by using one of my flower essence or flower essence aromatherapy formulas. I was stumped so I asked for a little guidance and dowsed for the flower essences most applicable (I always start with flower essences):

Saint John’s Wort was the first to come up. Famous in tincture form for depression, as a flower essence it also addresses emotional or spiritual darkness and the need for light in one’s consciousness and soul. It helps reduce one’s vulnerability to negative outside influences and soothes over-sensitivity.

Rock Rose was next, one of the strongest Bach Flower Remedies I know for transcending terror, anxiety or fear.

Larch—one I get guided to in the formulas I make a lot—was third. It’s for self-confidence and a more positive belief in what is possible. It’s future oriented in the sense that we need to have positive beliefs about what’s possible or we won’t pick ourselves up and even try.

I’m making this available as a formula that I’m calling Mama Love for Soothing the Sensitive Soul. It’s available now as a conventional unscented flower essence dropper bottle or spray. 

I can also offer the spray with essential oils added: I’m using a combination of Rose Geranium and Lemon. I don’t have standard labels made yet. I’ll be making these on demand and using the labels I use for my custom formulas and handwriting the name on them. You’ll have the choice of either a spray or oil, already diluted to ready-to-use strength.

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