Sunday, February 05, 2017

Activist Support for Resolve and Determination

Paul and I are very busy right now trying to figure out how to support activists on lots of levels: participating by signing petitions, making phone calls and writing postcards, for sure, but also sharing information and inspiration, calls to action, words of encouragement, and keeping our intuition tuned to how to rally the troops in the healthiest ways possible. An odd alternative focus for a spiritual counseling and healing team, but that's where our attention has gone and what we feel most called to do.

I also make flower essence and flower essence with aromatherapy products infused with Reiki and many of my newest products were designed just in the last week for activist support as a response to requests from people on my Facebook friends list. One of the biggest requests was for help dealing with the daunting amount of work dealing with the Trump administration seems to require. 

In an earlier post related to those requests, I included the famous image of the kerchiefed WWII female war effort worker with the words "We Can Do It!" on top. That's because we might be involved in a "war effort" now when it comes to the actions required to oppose an alt-right administration. If you're like almost everyone else on my list, you're probably feeling a bit frantic and driven to stay outraged and in action so you can do what has to be done. We appear to be attacked on every front because of a non-stop barrage of Trump executive orders and cabinet appointments designed to rip apart everything we hold dear. It feels like we need SUPERHUMAN strength so we can wield our weapons Jackie Chan-like while fighting off 50 attackers at once.

But there's something else that needs to be done, and it is going to require strength and determination over time. We're doing GREAT work in opposing their actions today, but, I hate to say it, I think we are unlikely to win many of these battles with the Republican majority in control of almost every branch of government.  We ARE winning some and we need to win more. Yay! Keep going! I very much doubt Trump will remain in office even a year. But the Republicans, including the alt-right, will be doing so much damage that, with each day and every defeat, they intend us to simply disintegrate. Meanwhile, Trump has been dog-whistling their troops to enact more intense levels of voter suppression and levy their real attacks in the 2018 election and beyond. 

But don't despair!

As I'm writing this, I just heard that the New England Patriots pulled out a stunning come-from-behind victory in the last moments of the Superbowl. What a GREAT metaphor for what I want to say. We CAN win this thing over the long haul. But not if we use all our energy up in the first quarter. And in regards to the Trump administration, we've only just begun. They hope we will use our efforts to fight their every move in the present. They hope we exhaust ourselves so we'll neglect to help opposing candidates run for office in the mid-terms, raise the funds to do so, talk to people, register them, and get out the vote! And, as an aside—if we're not doing that—we lose the ability to levy a real threat with teeth against them to make them listen to what we demand right now and over the next four years!

So let's not play their game.

Our resolve and determination needs to shift to the longer view. We protest today to make our voices heard. AND in order to flush out any Republican or neo-Liberal conservative Democrat willing to stand up with us . . . OR get them in our sights for replacement in 2018 and 2020. Our attention needs to shift to something we will be accomplishing AS A TEAM together, step by step, over YEARS to come. 

But if we're driven by terror about what we're seeing today, we will burn ourselves out, so back to the healing work that I try to do with my Reiki-infused flower essence products. In particular, the one I made for  Resolve and Determination

I'm embarrassed to say that I almost put this one out without trying it. Because I tend to be SO driven a lot of the time, I feared it might make that feeling worse. But the formula kept nagged at me to try it — I always test my own products— so I did and was blown away! It did not jack me up as I feared it might do. Instead I felt still inside, centered, and strong. Not "fiercely" strong but . . . I'm searching for words . . . ready . . . able . . . sufficient. Calm inner strength. I actually cried because the relief was so palpable. I felt relaxed, at ease, and I experienced a shift in mindset. Instead of "get it done, get it done, you can DO IT, Go, Go, GO!!!!" I moved into a place of "I'm ready, I can do what has to be done, step by step. What I do today is sufficient. I will rise again tomorrow." 

And, whether you use my products or not, that is the mindset we need to move into right now.

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