Saturday, February 04, 2017

Flower Essence Support for Resolve and Determination

I recently asked people on my Facebook friends list what kind of flower essence or flower essence with aromatherapy support they could use in the time of Trump (January 2017). Many people were getting involved in various sorts of political activism and wanted help with having the inner strength and determination to do whatever it takes to resist his agenda persistently and effectively over the long haul.

I had to put some thought into this because they also requested many different formulas that seemed to be related issues: how to calm down enough to focus, how to be emotionally resilient in the face of new horrors every day, how to have more energy as the enormity of the task appeared to loom so large, and what to do about already being in a state of burnout and exhaustion? So I decided to make all these! (See the previous links)

But I also did one specifically for resolve and determination

What does it take to have resolve and determination? Wanting something so badly you are intent on overcoming any obstacle in your path! Having patience and acceptance that things usually take longer than we would naturally prefer. Having self-confidence and a positive enough mindset to persist over time. And the inner fortitude and perseverance to keep going as long as it takes. That's what this fundamental flower essence- based formula is for.

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