Friday, February 17, 2017

Reportback on a Healing Journey Using Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy

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One of the ways I recommend using flower essences is for healing transformation over a month or so at a time. Long-seated chronic patterns, in particular, SHOULD be addressed that way—and might require multiple formulas to deal with each part of the transformation as it occurs. Today I'd like to share a healing journey of my own as it stands today.

A few weeks ago I received a special request for a formula for someone having trouble getting themselves to take care of themselves. Things like making a decent dinner, making the bed, getting exercise, doing laundry, applying for jobs, doing various small business tasks, were falling by the wayside. . .  even though they knew better. As a flower essence practitioner, I was stumped so I used dowsing techniques and chose:

ALPINE LILY: for honoring yourself as a woman and having a healthier relationship with your body.

DOGWOOD: for ease in living in a body, and for transcending and finding grace despite the traumas attached to physical existence.  

LOVE-LIES-BLEEDING: for acceptance and letting go of the pain lodged in physical world experience. Usually this is for grief but it could be used for old experiences of abuse or traumas of a physical sort.

BABY BLUE EYES: for trusting life and feeling at ease with oneself, worthy of emotional support and self-love. 

I recognized that these are often used for issues related to disability and physical pain as well as for father issues and issues related to abuse or neglect from outside one's self -- and it disturbed me because, well, it just wasn't what I was expecting! And not only that, I had a nagging feeling — without understanding why—that I needed to at least use the Dogwood because of shoulder and jaw pain I've had for no obvious physical reason for awhile.

Sigh! I know my history, and I was dismayed that this might require dredging it up, but . . . 

I decided to give it a try.

So—truth in advertising—at first, I didn't think it did anything!  But I used the scented oil formula that smells wonderful with Jasmine, Orange, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla —and I know flower essences should be used over time—so I kept going.

Within a couple of days, a rash I have on and off during my most stressful times appeared in a mild form. Now, I wasn't sure if this was because of the formula or because of Trump! (Anyone with difficult father issues might be feeling a little triggered right now!) So I made a note of that and dropped my use to twice a day—as a body oil right after my morning shower and again before going to bed at night. I thought long-buried feelings might be coming up, and I wanted to slow things down to make the process easier to integrate. (If the rash had gotten really bad, I would have stopped using it altogether for a day or two, but that didn't happen.)

And then, feelings did come up to be released:  old grief, as I expected. I used my Healing a Broken Heart dropper bottle formula because it is specific for that, for just 3-4 days, but crying with conscious awareness of the issue or several counseling sessions (if you haven't identified the issues) would have done as well. I also continued using the oil and, after that short time period, the rash disappeared.

In its place came an intense desire to mix my Open-Hearted Loving formula with this one, the one I had been using, that I call Putting Your Needs First. That immediately told me one thing: I was going to be moved to be acting on my deepest heart's desires! (I thought this might have something to do with art -- being a painter -- and, because of that, a flutter of excitement started to stir with my very first use. But I also enjoyed an immediate feeling of relaxation which was very soothing.)

Two weeks later, I am still using both oils, mixed in my hand, half and half, just twice a day after my morning shower and just before going to bed. And now ALL SORTS OF GREAT INTENTIONS I HAVEN'T BEEN ACTING ON ARE WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING!!! Naturally, as if it had nothing to do with these formulas, I spontaneously started to make cold calls for my business—something I KNOW I've needed to do for years (and it wasn't even on my mind as an intention anymore). AND I brought out a canvas and got started on another painting (after having pushed that to the background for a long time as well).

I have my feelings about both of these activities—trust me on that! And I really can't say whether these activities alone will lead to the financial well-being I want (and deserve). But I KNOW I've needed to at least try! So that's what I'm doing—putting my real heart's desires first. And that actually makes a big difference whether my art and Mama Love wind up paying all the bills (which is what I recently haven't dared to want) or—especially—if I wind up taking a job working for someone else. At least, I'm doing what has needed to be done.

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