Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sometimes Art Can See Into the Future!

Triple Goddess in the 21st Century © 2015 Sheryl Karas
This piece has been on my mind. I did it two years ago in a beginning Printmaking class and it's called "The Triple Goddess in the 21st Century." The "Mother Goddess" figure is holding a baby man with a comb-over clutching more lollipops than he can hold! Originally, the baby man had no mustache--I added it to make it obvious that this was a man. I also wanted him to look corporate. I think he actually looks a lot like Hitler but that was not intentional. Here's the wild thing: Trump was not even a candidate back then! This was done Spring Semester 2015.

I used a technique I thought I invented (but I later learned the surrealists experimented with it, too). I scribble with my eyes closed on a piece of paper, get into a meditative state, and try to see if I see anything in the scribbles. Then I draw over what I see so other people can see it, too.

I know I feared something frightening was brewing on the horizon. But I actually had NO idea of what was to come (on a conscious level). Pretty interesting to me now. I also did this one at that same time (But I know I did not need my psychic abilities to see this one coming!):

Beware of Capitalists in Sheep's Clothing © 2015 Sheryl Karas

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