Monday, March 27, 2017

Flower and Spirit Organic Botanical Perfumes Merges with Mama Love

Last Fall I developed a line of premium organic botanical perfumes that I felt were too expensive for my Mama Love shop where I tend to have more therapeutic offerings. But to have a successful Etsy shop you really have to have a lot of listings. Or a great ability to network and get the word out about what you do. (Neither of which I was succeeding with—there's only so many directions I can go at once!)

So I've reformulated these perfumes. They're still eau de parfum strength—significantly stronger than my Mama Love line—but are not quite as strong as they were before so I can now offer them at a more accessible price. And they're really not so far removed from what I do with Mama Love. They're made of the same high quality therapeutic ingredients. I even add flower essences to add emotionally soothing or uplifting effects. And, of course, the essential oils I use do that as well. So why not have them in my Mama Love shop? My perfumes have their own section—you can find them here.

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