Friday, April 14, 2017

Agrimony Flower Essence Dosage Bottles Now in my Etsy Shop

Agrimony Bach Flower Essence
Starting today, I've decided to add flower essence dosage bottles based on a single flower essence to my shop. And because it starts with the letter "A," I'm starting with Agrimony. . . which is also an excellent choice to start with when you're new to emotional work, flower essences in general, or have been using drugs, alcohol or food to avoid feeling your feelings. Agrimony can help soothe the anxiety of feeling those emotions you'd rather not face. 

All my flower essence dosage bottles combine flower essences taken from stock concentrate with distilled water and your choice of either conventional brandy or organic vodka. You also have a choice of a dropper top (the conventional way of using flower essences) or a spray top (an even better way for many people) to use on your skin and in the aura.

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