Sunday, April 16, 2017

Angel's Trumpet Flower Essence

Angel's Trumpet Flower Essence Dosage Bottle
I use Angel's Trumpet in a formula I made for activists after the election called Transformation in Times of Crisis. But it's not really just for activists so I'm changing my ad copy for that tonight. It's for coping with tremendous change of a sort you definitely do not want. And at times like that, holding on too tight is just going to get you battered by the waves of the storm. Best to let go, trust God, and allow yourself to be moved into a new way of life, a new mindset, a new set of plans. And that's a lot what Angel's Trumpet as a single flower essence is all about, too. It's the essence to use when someone is close to death but painfully and fruitlessly struggling to hold on—this essence can help them surrender and feel the closeness of God. It's also the essence to use when you're forced to accept the death of an old way of life or way of looking at life. Remember, there can be joy in transition! It can pave the way for a rebirth into a much better kind of life.

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