Sunday, April 09, 2017

Blending Essential Oils and Other Artistic Endeavors

For things I LOVE to do, starting a new painting or starting to create a new flower essence aromatherapy blend can be surprisingly challenging. I've been stalled on both painting and essential oil blending for a week, maybe longer, and FINALLY got back to it today.
If I'm not already in the swing of working on a painting or working on blends -- say, I've taken time off to work on other aspects of my business or my life -- getting over the hump of  rampant insecurity and procrastination can be quite the task!

"Can I do this? Of course, I can do this! What if I make mistakes and waste materials? That's part of the process!" Back and forth, processing my ridiculous (at this point) insecurities until I realize that I've overcome this lifelong habit SO many times by just getting up off the couch and getting to work. Yeah, Mama Love can be a bit of a "control freak" who can't allow even a little room for making "mistakes" when the real desire is to CREATE! I probably need to do a blend for that! (Okay I will. The next one I make.)

But back to this post. :-)

I made myself get off the couch, walk over to my work table and put together an essential oil blend and here was my reward (the same reward I ALWAYS get -- why don't I remember this?): the WONDERFUL smell of neroli, lavender, ylang ylang and helichrysum is wafting through my entire apartment and making me high with delight. I'll say more about what this blend is going to be for soon but for now, I just wanted to say, get off YOUR couch and do what you LOVE! Disregard thoughts about whether it will "be a success." At least at the start. Dive in! Get into the process. It's worth it.

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