Monday, April 24, 2017

Flower Essence for Loving Relationships and Compassionate Communication

Calendula Flower Essence

One of the things that has always fascinated me in the world of flower healing and herbalism is how old names for plants often indicate the emotional aspect of what they are used for. One example is Marigold or "Mary's Gold", also known as Calendula. Calendula is famous for soothing irritated skin. I use the petals in an Oatmeal Bath I carry in my Etsy shop. I use the flower essence, that is used for soothing irritated emotions, in an oil for Soothing Sensitive Skin (an option in that same listing). The Virgin Mary is known for compassion so you could say that the Marigold brings the warmth and compassion of Mary into your reality. Compassion for you, compassion for others. Less irritation, far less anger. More love, more wellbeing! And for all those reasons I also use it in my Soothing the Angry Heart flower essence aromatherapy formula. It brings love back into your communication with yourself and others. You can buy it as a single flower essence here.

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