Saturday, April 15, 2017

Restful Sleep (Restful Nights) In Triple Strength

Mama Love for Restful Sleep (Restful Nights) Triple Strength
One of my most popular products is available in triple strength! Wait, whoa, is it safe to offer a flower essence aromatherapy product at that strength? Yes! But NOT if you want to use it extensively like a body or massage oil! Do you use natural perfume made with essential oils without any problem? Then this product should be alright for you used the same way -- a dab or two here and there. And that's how I use it! It comes with a roller ball top so I just roll a little on the soles of my feet and ankles, use a touch on the base of my spine and lower abdomen, a touch on my solar plexus and maybe a dab at the top of my spine or neck. You don't need much! But with a great combination of wonderfully effective flower essences and essential oils, it works so well!

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