Friday, April 14, 2017

Two Kinds of Custom Flower Essence Formulas

I have two options for custom flower essence formulas in my shop right now.

One is for people who are very experienced with choosing their own flower essences and know EXACTLY which flower essences they want me to include in a dosage strength bottle, already diluted to the proper strength to use straight from the bottle. You could make your own, but if you plan to use between 2-5 essences in your formula, this approach will save you money. I use all the conventional Bach flower remedies and most of the North American flower essences made by FES (Flower Essence Services) in Nevada City, CA where I received my Flower Essence Practitioner training. You'll find the listing here in my Etsy shop.

The other choice is what I recommend for most people, those who need assistance in choosing essences for themselves. It includes up to a 1/2 hour email consultation (about 2-3 emails) plus the time to consult my inner guidance. A listing for a consultation with custom formula is also in my Etsy shop.

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