Sunday, May 21, 2017

Indian Pink Flower Essence for When You Feel Like You Need to Be Multi-Tasking Too Much of the Time

Indian Pink Flower Essence
Does this look like you? Relaxedly handling multiple calls, piles of work, interruptions, etc. with a smile on your face? Yes? Awesome! (You don't need this flower essence.) But if you find this to be a very stressful situation OR if you gravitate to this kind of situation because you like lots of activity and keeping yourself busy but then find yourself increasingly overwhelmed and unable to focus, that is when Indian Pink Flower Essence can bring great relief! I just added Indian Pink dosage bottles infused with Reiki to my Etsy shop.

Flower Essence Aromatherapy for Inner Strength and Protection

Mama Love for Inner Strength and Protection
Do you ever feel emotionally depleted, exhausted even, after a day or even a few minutes of being around other people in a helping capacity? Like you've put so much of yourself aside to listen to and cope with the behaviors of other people that you just need to take a nap? Or conversely, does someone (your mother? a friend?) put so much well-intentioned effort into "helping" or advising you on your life that you can't get their influence out of your head enough to hear your own inner voice? Having appropriate boundaries can make a significant difference, so much so that I developed this Reiki-infused flower essence aromatherapy formula to help you come back to your clear-headed, grounded self when you've lost yourself and have an easier time building and maintaining healthier boundaries so you can interact with other people in a more positive way.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Emotional Healing for Those Suffering through the Trump Administration

Over the years I have noticed that sales of certain products follow the news—not the little everyday things, but larger events, the bigger trends. It's no surprise then that sales of my Restful Sleep flower essence aromatherapy formula skyrocketed since Donald Trump was elected. The number of people reporting severe insomnia since the election has sleep researchers quite concerned. Americans of a certain stripe are up in arms, shocked and horrified on a daily basis, and simply put, they're not sleeping.

Therapists have called it "election stress disorder" or, now, "headline stress disorder."  So many people are suffering from clenched jaws and teeth grinding since the election that Vogue Magazine has even written an article specifically on how to deal with it. I've sold practically nothing but stress reduction formulas for months.

With one glaring exception: sales of Open-Hearted Loving have risen significantly. Since that has never been one of my very best sellers I have to take note. I also know that this is the formula I personally found myself turning to when my own jaw clenching and teeth grinding reached horrifying proportions. I followed my inner guidance on this one, because I never would have thought of it on my own, but I noticed improvements fairly quickly and over the course of a month I saw huge improvements so I've been thinking about this a lot. It’s very common to shut down our hearts when we’re in fear —it feels much more powerful to be angry—but it’s not healthfully sustainable. My first impression when I use this formula is a sense of relaxation, maybe deep relaxation depending on how much you need it. And, of course, that is not specifically what I created this formula to do! But then something else happens. The armoring around one's heart—which always manifests as tight bands of muscles in the upper chest, shoulders, perhaps neck and jaw—softens. I find myself able to breathe more deeply and then love returns. (Expect tears of relief or, sometimes, temporary grief for the way we behaved while shut down.)

I also believe that this formula opens our hearts to our inner "heart's desires." For health and mental stability it pays to return to what we love instead of just coping with what we fear.  So in my case, it helped me want to do art again after being too busy with politically-motivated activity. Not that there's anything wrong with that—and I haven't stopped— but balance is a very important thing. We need to shift into being able to create what we love and want to see more of (or a return of) instead of being caught in an endless cycle of terror, anger and reaction. 

If you want to make use of Open-Hearted Loving as a healing project over the course of a month (the recommended length of time), consider getting the 1 oz sized bottle. I used it as a body oil when I got out of the shower every day—just rub a little between your hands and apply it lightly wherever you like (arms, legs, chest, shoulders, neck) and then again late in the evening. It smells wonderful! (One of my favorites.)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lady's Slipper Flower Essence for Spiritual Purpose

Lady's Slipper Flower Essence
Isn't this a gorgeous flower? I remember seeing these from time to time in New England, and once here in Chico, CA, but they are very rare. And it's very inspirational when you do see them! Which makes sense to me because I'm pretty sensitive to the energy of plants. Lady's Slipper is used for bringing spiritual purpose into your daily work and for grounded spirituality in general. And, in case you thought it actually looks like a flower than exudes sexuality, you're right! It helps brings spirituality down into the root chakra. It helps with sexual depletion and nervous exhaustion and other first chakra issues.

The company I buy Lady's Slipper Flower Essence from takes GREAT pains to harvest sustainably. I joined them on a flower essence making trip, learned about how they do this, and saw their process myself so I feel good about offering dosage strength bottles infused with Reiki of Lady's Slipper in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy for When You Hate to be Slowed Down

Impatiens Bach Flower Remedy
Ha ha! I was SO impatient with the process of creating new listings the day I decided to add Impatiens Bach Flower Essence dosage bottles to my Etsy shop, I'll never forget what this flower essence is used for again! :-D

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hornbeam Bach Flower Essence for When Life Drags You Down

Hornbeam Bach Flower Essence
Hornbeam popped up for me recently. Sometimes life weighs heavily on us. It can feel like you're working and working and working but getting nowhere in your life! (Depression, anyone?) Hornbeam can help you either find new enthusiasm for the tasks at hand or, sometimes, find your way to changing the conditions of your life! More often, it helps you find the energy and enthusiasm for whatever has to be done. I just added Hornbeam dosage bottles infused with Reiki to my Etsy shop.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Holly Bach Flower Essence

Holly Bach Flower Essence
Holly is a foundational formula, important for so many uses, but it's one A LOT of people could use right now! I just added dosage strength bottles to my Etsy shop infused with Reiki.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why I Love Flower Essences

Cymbidium Carnival © 2017 Sheryl Karas

What do I personally like about flower essences?

They work! Usually instantly (if you’ve chosen the right one).

They’re safe! They are basically a homeopathic approach where a minuscule amount of a substance (in this case, usually flowers lightly heated in spring water in the sun) enable your body to bring forth the inner healing processes you need. (I KNOW this sounds strange, keep reading!) People often say they work “energetically”—I think we just don’t have the scientific tools to make sense of the decades, if not centuries, of empirical evidence that has been accumulated about them. Because there is so little plant material used in these products, they are a very safe approach—if you choose the wrong essence, they won’t do you harm. (They won’t do anything.) They have no harmful physical side effects. 

(One caveat: RARELY, but occasionally, some people find the process TOO energetic and their body/mind creates resistance to the process which for them might manifest as a headache or rash. Again, this is RARE and almost always happens because a person has resisted the feelings under the surface of the main complaint for a long time. Stop using the flower essence and try again at less frequent intervals to slow the process down and/or talk with a flower essence practitioner such as myself to get an essence or essence formula to address the reasons why you’ve been sublimating those issues if you want to continue with this approach.) 

They work in fascinating ways: the same essence can have different effects depending on what state I am in when I take them. For example, when I first used my “Trusting Inner Guidance” formula it helped me feel deeply grounded. Later, the same formula helped me feel more spiritually aware and open.

And they are not just instant fixes (if you can call them that at all). They can have instantaneous effects (when you REALLY need them, such as when using the most famous Bach formula, “Rescue Remedy” or my “Releasing Worry and Fear” formula, during an acute phase of an emotional crisis, for example). But primarily, I find that they work best over time (2-3 times daily for at least a month) for creating deep transformation and amazing breakthroughs that can reset your orientation in a positive new direction with long-lasting effects. Better than long lasting if you add awareness practices such as counseling to understand and integrate what you may learn from them.

And best of all, for me, flower essences have been my teachers. I am a student and practitioner of energy healing (Reiki Master/Teacher, student of Five Element Chinese Medicine and the energetics of herbs and plants of many sorts). When I use flower essences I often feel immediate energetic effects (especially if this is one I particularly need). For me, this has been the most amazing discovery and the flower essences have, perhaps, taught me more about the energetics of various mental and emotional states than any other practice. 

For example, I learned that when I’m nervous and easily upset, it’s almost always because I’ve pulled my energy up away from my roots and am really experiencing the effects of being ungrounded. It makes a person off-balance and overly vulnerable. There are many reasons why people get in the habit of doing this , but I learned through the martial art practice of Aikido how important it is to bring one’s energy down to the lower torso in order to be strong and effective. Flower essences often do this instantly, pointing out to me how important this is again and again. 

And this is just ONE example of what I have learned using them! Sometimes I feel energy clear out from my upper body and out the top of my head — telling me that I’ve been stuck in mental dialogues doing me harm. Sometimes I feel energy clearing up and down my inner core, both grounding and clearing out a passageway for healing influences to come back in.

To me this is, as I said, the MOST fascinating and exciting aspect of using flower essences. . . and the most challenging for me to be willing to discuss in public. I’m much more scientifically oriented than this! I’m not the most woo-woo person on the block. BUT that means I have explored this as a scientist might, using one experiment after another (on myself, on my cats, with friends who let me) to gain the confidence to put these products on the market. I even have been a participant in the Flower Essence Society Research Program, providing them with case histories, and eagerly reading the results of other people’s research. 

It’s been an eye-opening journey for me for 15-16 years at this point. Come join me!

Friday, May 05, 2017

Gentian Bach Flower Essence

Gentian Bach Flower Essence
Gentian is a flower essence I have often wondered why I never get guided to use more often. Corn and Larch are ones I use more often when I feel discouraged. But I did receive guidance to use Gentian in a formula I made for activists after the election of Donald Trump. I guess that setback felt so devastating for so many people that people felt overwhelmed about how the damage he was inflicting on this country would ever be overcome. And that level of discouragement is what Gentian is used for most. I just added it as a dosage bottle infused with Reiki to my Etsy shop.