Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Chocolate and Roses with a Social Conscience

One of my recent customers, Kristi Wilson, has a handmade gourmet chocolate shop on Etsy called Sweet Impact Chocolates.  She offers some of the most gorgeous confections I have ever seen—check these out! But not only are they beautiful, they are made with a social conscience. You see, way too much cacao is grown using child slave labor! Sweet Impact's chocolates use ingredients free of child labor and Kristi donates 10% of all sales to help NGO's working with children in the countries where cocoa production is stealing their futures. And she makes an effort to make sure that most of her ingredients are Fair Trade and/or organic. 

Kristi contacted me about my organic pink rose buds and petals and we struck up a conversation about what her plans were. Turns out she wanted to use the buds to decorate her newest chocolate creations so I made an effort to send her a batch of mostly buds alone. And look what she did with them! So pretty! And not only that, she said the batch sold out really fast. I love hearing things like that and it is such an honor to get to share what she does on my blog. Go support Sweet Impact! I can't think of anything more fun than eating something gorgeous and delicious that supports such a worthy cause.

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