Monday, May 29, 2017

Don't Be Silent—The U.S. and the World is Suffering from Han (Haan)

Last night I was watching Anthony Bourdain's show about Koreatown in Los Angeles and the concept of Han (or Haan) was discussed. Han appears to be a deep culture-based state with severe emotional and physical symptoms such as chronic acute heartburn, heart palpitations, dizziness and insomnia—people have even died of it! There is no word in English that expresses the condition (yet). Wikipedia defines it as a "collective feeling of oppression and isolation in the face of insurmountable odds, the overcoming of which is beyond the nation's own capabilities. It connotes aspects of lament and unavenged injustice."

I hesitate to say that the solutions are "beyond our nation's capacities" (yet) but, certainly, many people on my Facebook Friends list have expressed such beliefs and we KNOW that Donald Trump's ability to get elected despite his years of obvious perhaps-criminal behavior—how many times has this man been sued for HOW many reasons?!!!. Again, HOW MANY TIMES?—was related to a widespread feeling of anger and injustice among white working class and suddenly-drowning ex-middle class Americans since the crash of the economy in 2008 (and for wide swaths of America long before). The rise of Bernie Sanders among Progressives (of all races and religions) came from a similar place: deep distrust, grief and anger at status quo (Neo-Liberal) Democrats and conservative Republicans participating in allowing our culture to be laid to waste by corporate interests. And now it's worse than ever and operating blatantly in plain sight.

Being the healing-oriented person that I am, I immediately wondered about healing solutions that might help. But this is no ordinary personal-level experience that can be solved by plain old individual-oriented solutions alone! I am working with Angel's Trumpet myself (for the ability to surrender at times of deep transformation) and I can't say the flower essence blend I'm using has had no deep effect.

But when it comes to societally-based injustice, individual solutions without societal-level, planning, organizing and change keeps perpetuating the myth that we are incapable of collectively moving this nation forward. And by the way, this condition is certainly not a U.S. phenomenon alone! No, there is a global wake-up that widespread inequity has to be addressed or suffer the consequences.

The easiest first steps: don't be silent! We can march and we can protest—at least. And we can organize and plan actions to get things done.

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