Saturday, May 20, 2017

Emotional Healing for Those Suffering through the Trump Administration

Over the years I have noticed that sales of certain products follow the news—not the little everyday things, but larger events, the bigger trends. It's no surprise then that sales of my Restful Sleep flower essence aromatherapy formula skyrocketed since Donald Trump was elected. The number of people reporting severe insomnia since the election has sleep researchers quite concerned. Americans of a certain stripe are up in arms, shocked and horrified on a daily basis, and simply put, they're not sleeping.

Therapists have called it "election stress disorder" or, now, "headline stress disorder."  So many people are suffering from clenched jaws and teeth grinding since the election that Vogue Magazine has even written an article specifically on how to deal with it. I've sold practically nothing but stress reduction formulas for months.

With one glaring exception: sales of Open-Hearted Loving have risen significantly. Since that has never been one of my very best sellers I have to take note. I also know that this is the formula I personally found myself turning to when my own jaw clenching and teeth grinding reached horrifying proportions. I followed my inner guidance on this one, because I never would have thought of it on my own, but I noticed improvements fairly quickly and over the course of a month I saw huge improvements so I've been thinking about this a lot. It’s very common to shut down our hearts when we’re in fear —it feels much more powerful to be angry—but it’s not healthfully sustainable. My first impression when I use this formula is a sense of relaxation, maybe deep relaxation depending on how much you need it. And, of course, that is not specifically what I created this formula to do! But then something else happens. The armoring around one's heart—which always manifests as tight bands of muscles in the upper chest, shoulders, perhaps neck and jaw—softens. I find myself able to breathe more deeply and then love returns. (Expect tears of relief or, sometimes, temporary grief for the way we behaved while shut down.)

I also believe that this formula opens our hearts to our inner "heart's desires." For health and mental stability it pays to return to what we love instead of just coping with what we fear.  So in my case, it helped me want to do art again after being too busy with politically-motivated activity. Not that there's anything wrong with that—and I haven't stopped— but balance is a very important thing. We need to shift into being able to create what we love and want to see more of (or a return of) instead of being caught in an endless cycle of terror, anger and reaction. 

If you want to make use of Open-Hearted Loving as a healing project over the course of a month (the recommended length of time), consider getting the 1 oz sized bottle. I used it as a body oil when I got out of the shower every day—just rub a little between your hands and apply it lightly wherever you like (arms, legs, chest, shoulders, neck) and then again late in the evening. It smells wonderful! (One of my favorites.)

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