Sunday, May 21, 2017

Flower Essence Aromatherapy for Inner Strength and Protection

Mama Love for Inner Strength and Protection
Do you ever feel emotionally depleted, exhausted even, after a day or even a few minutes of being around other people in a helping capacity? Like you've put so much of yourself aside to listen to and cope with the behaviors of other people that you just need to take a nap? Or conversely, does someone (your mother? a friend?) put so much well-intentioned effort into "helping" or advising you on your life that you can't get their influence out of your head enough to hear your own inner voice? Having appropriate boundaries can make a significant difference, so much so that I developed this Reiki-infused flower essence aromatherapy formula to help you come back to your clear-headed, grounded self when you've lost yourself and have an easier time building and maintaining healthier boundaries so you can interact with other people in a more positive way.

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