Friday, May 19, 2017

Lady's Slipper Flower Essence for Spiritual Purpose

Lady's Slipper Flower Essence
Isn't this a gorgeous flower? I remember seeing these from time to time in New England, and once here in Chico, CA, but they are very rare. And it's very inspirational when you do see them! Which makes sense to me because I'm pretty sensitive to the energy of plants. Lady's Slipper is used for bringing spiritual purpose into your daily work and for grounded spirituality in general. And, in case you thought it actually looks like a flower than exudes sexuality, you're right! It helps brings spirituality down into the root chakra. It helps with sexual depletion and nervous exhaustion and other first chakra issues.

The company I buy Lady's Slipper Flower Essence from takes GREAT pains to harvest sustainably. I joined them on a flower essence making trip, learned about how they do this, and saw their process myself so I feel good about offering dosage strength bottles infused with Reiki of Lady's Slipper in my Etsy shop.

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