Friday, May 26, 2017

Larch Flower Essence is This Flower Essence Product Maker's Best Friend

Larch Flower Essence

Larch Flower Essence, one of the original Bach Flower Remedies, has so many uses I do believe it is the flower essence I use most often in my product line and in my life. I always think of Larch as the flower essence for lack of confidence but, oddly, I don't usually think of myself as inherently lacking in confidence. On the contrary, I was the "A" student who graduated at the top of my class. I know I have many talents and, typically, I have tended to have success at practically anything I choose to take on. 

However, the things nearest to my heart (the arts) were presented to me as practically impossible to make a living at and, at the same time, deemed the most valuable. In other words, I was inculcated with the belief that the best thing I could be (and something I was always told I had some talent at) would be a near-fatal way to try to make a living. And whenever I have tried to do so anyway (who even does this without some positive belief in themselves?), I have barely broken even on supplies and come nowhere near being able to take care of myself. . . so back to the normal work world I go, feeling deeply disappointed and defeated and, I think, done with it. 

Except when I'm not.

You'd think I'd have given up for good already—this has been a lifelong struggle. I try and give up, try and give up, each time starting again with less confidence that I will succeed than before. And yet there's this hook: people tell me they love my work, I get into juried shows, and I do sell a piece or two from time to time. And so I get rewarded, the old driving desire gets stirred up again, and despite all attempts to resist it, I'm back at it

And that choice—being willing to try again—is what Larch is for. The Larch personality has some fragility and lack of confidence because of setbacks, disappointments and adverse circumstances —Larch tends to give up—but, like the Larch seed itself, it can often succeed (when given the chance) in conditions far more adverse than average. If a Larch person can overcome their tendency to expect failure, they become strong and determined and success of some sort is sure to follow! 

Of course, the specific kind of success you want is not guaranteed. I can't seem to stop myself from putting a "be realistic" caveat on it. But even so, I can wholeheartedly say that—despite the desire to keep a centered perspective in a world full of unexpected surprises that often have the potential to shift a person's expected trajectory (it's happened or I wouldn't be writing about Larch!)—this flower essence still never fails to improve my mood! I start to feel like the considerable setbacks of the past and even present do NOT cast my dismal-feeling future in concrete. To the contrary, I stop expecting failure, I stop fretting, I stay in the potential of what can be created from this place. This allows dreaming and visualizing about the near and far future to even come in again. And the feeling of positive possibilities inherent in these visions actually often manifests (sometimes instantly!) in positive experiences taking place.

Reiki-infused dosage bottles or sprays of Larch are in my Etsy shop.

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