Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why I Love Flower Essences

Cymbidium Carnival © 2017 Sheryl Karas

What do I personally like about flower essences?

They work! Usually instantly (if you’ve chosen the right one).

They’re safe! They are basically a homeopathic approach where a minuscule amount of a substance (in this case, usually flowers lightly heated in spring water in the sun) enable your body to bring forth the inner healing processes you need. (I KNOW this sounds strange, keep reading!) People often say they work “energetically”—I think we just don’t have the scientific tools to make sense of the decades, if not centuries, of empirical evidence that has been accumulated about them. Because there is so little plant material used in these products, they are a very safe approach—if you choose the wrong essence, they won’t do you harm. (They won’t do anything.) They have no harmful physical side effects. 

(One caveat: RARELY, but occasionally, some people find the process TOO energetic and their body/mind creates resistance to the process which for them might manifest as a headache or rash. Again, this is RARE and almost always happens because a person has resisted the feelings under the surface of the main complaint for a long time. Stop using the flower essence and try again at less frequent intervals to slow the process down and/or talk with a flower essence practitioner such as myself to get an essence or essence formula to address the reasons why you’ve been sublimating those issues if you want to continue with this approach.) 

They work in fascinating ways: the same essence can have different effects depending on what state I am in when I take them. For example, when I first used my “Trusting Inner Guidance” formula it helped me feel deeply grounded. Later, the same formula helped me feel more spiritually aware and open.

And they are not just instant fixes (if you can call them that at all). They can have instantaneous effects (when you REALLY need them, such as when using the most famous Bach formula, “Rescue Remedy” or my “Releasing Worry and Fear” formula, during an acute phase of an emotional crisis, for example). But primarily, I find that they work best over time (2-3 times daily for at least a month) for creating deep transformation and amazing breakthroughs that can reset your orientation in a positive new direction with long-lasting effects. Better than long lasting if you add awareness practices such as counseling to understand and integrate what you may learn from them.

And best of all, for me, flower essences have been my teachers. I am a student and practitioner of energy healing (Reiki Master/Teacher, student of Five Element Chinese Medicine and the energetics of herbs and plants of many sorts). When I use flower essences I often feel immediate energetic effects (especially if this is one I particularly need). For me, this has been the most amazing discovery and the flower essences have, perhaps, taught me more about the energetics of various mental and emotional states than any other practice. 

For example, I learned that when I’m nervous and easily upset, it’s almost always because I’ve pulled my energy up away from my roots and am really experiencing the effects of being ungrounded. It makes a person off-balance and overly vulnerable. There are many reasons why people get in the habit of doing this , but I learned through the martial art practice of Aikido how important it is to bring one’s energy down to the lower torso in order to be strong and effective. Flower essences often do this instantly, pointing out to me how important this is again and again. 

And this is just ONE example of what I have learned using them! Sometimes I feel energy clear out from my upper body and out the top of my head — telling me that I’ve been stuck in mental dialogues doing me harm. Sometimes I feel energy clearing up and down my inner core, both grounding and clearing out a passageway for healing influences to come back in.

To me this is, as I said, the MOST fascinating and exciting aspect of using flower essences. . . and the most challenging for me to be willing to discuss in public. I’m much more scientifically oriented than this! I’m not the most woo-woo person on the block. BUT that means I have explored this as a scientist might, using one experiment after another (on myself, on my cats, with friends who let me) to gain the confidence to put these products on the market. I even have been a participant in the Flower Essence Society Research Program, providing them with case histories, and eagerly reading the results of other people’s research. 

It’s been an eye-opening journey for me for 15-16 years at this point. Come join me!

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