Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rock Rose Bach Flower Essence for Anxiety, Fear and Panic-Inducing Emergencies

Rock Rose Flower Essence © Copyright 2017 Sheryl Karas
Since I was just sharing about earthquakes and Hurricane Harvey, it seems fitting that I mention how flower essences can help in a panic-inducing experience like this and in the anxious stressful times that follow. The earthquake in Santa Cruz was terrifying. I remember standing in the doorway of my bedroom (the safest spot in my house) and listening, afraid to look, as everything I owned fell and smashed to bits and the house shook off its foundation. There was no time to grab a bottle of flower essence just then— as soon as the bricks from the chimney stopped falling, I ran out of the house as fast as I could and sat on the ground where I could feel the earth moving like waves on the ocean. (Kind of cool, actually, even in the terror of that moment!)

The worst part of the event for me wasn't just the earthquake itself though. It was the terror of one aftershock after another, never knowing if it was "just" an aftershock or the start of an earthquake even larger than the first! And this experience went on and on for months, making it too dangerous to live in the house, impossible to find a job (the building my job had been in was now rubble), and hard to imagine how we would ever recover! I remember having nightmares, while attempting to sleep in a tent in my backyard, that the devil on Bald Mountain from "Fantasia" was in my house. If ever a person needed to have courage, it was me back then.

Rock Rose Bach Flower Remedy is made for situations like this! When life feels terrifying, like all is lost, and the courage one needs to find has to transcend your earthly fears, stress and anxiety, Rock Rose can help you find that calm so you can cope with the moment and carry on.

I just added dosage strength (ready to use without diluting) bottles of Rock Rose infused with Reiki in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Some Personal Sharing about Earthquakes and Hurricane Harvey

USGS photo of downtown Santa Cruz after the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989
I'm watching the news about Hurricane Harvey with a strange mix of sympathy and thrill. I lived through the horrific Loma Prieta earthquake in Santa Cruz where almost the entire downtown was destroyed, our house fell off its foundation, my ex-husband's business fell off a cliff (literally) and then died, and all my artwork was destroyed (I was a full-time working artist back then). Basically life as we knew it was gone and had to be rebuilt again. So I know the devastation!

But I also knew the thrill: because the day after the earthquake I went to see the destruction downtown with hundreds of other Santa Cruzans and there was a strange exhilaration that a lot of us (not everyone) was feeling from having survived such an obviously catastrophic event. And a lot of people greeting each other as we walked around and hugging each other. And lots of neighbors helping each other.

We had a family sized tent in our backyard that we shared with our neighbors the first few weeks (and I lived in for months). I remember us running to neighbor houses to help them turn off their gas so their houses wouldn't blow up and catch fire, and bravely running into our own wrecked houses between aftershocks to rescue food for barbecues that we shared with each other. The community came together in a way I had NEVER seen before in that town and THAT experience did last -- and was the reason I decided stay in Santa Cruz for as long as I did afterwards (25 years or more). Before the earthquake I didn't feel like there was a real community there. After the earthquake I felt like I was a big part of it.

It wasn't all fun and games. Actually, the opposite! It took years to rebuild both the community and our personal home and lives. (Some of it did not recover.) But some things were improved! Great things happened because it was forced to happen along with the things lost and gone forever.

Personally, watching from a distance, I feel like seeing so many scenes of people helping each other in so many ways is an incredible antidote to the divisive behavior we've been witnessing in the same news media for a year or more. Yes, horrific reasons for WHY this is happening -- devastating for so many people -- but useful just the same.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Quit Smoking with Nicotiana Flower Essence

© Copyright 2014 Sheryl Karas
In an earlier blog post I wrote about Nicotiana Flower Essence at length, discussing what tobacco meant when it was used in sacred ritual by Native Americans and how and why it is so abused.

Nicotiana (Flowering Tobacco) Flower Essence is deeply healing on the heart level. It helps people who have been attempting to harden themselves to the hardships of life by shutting down their more naturally sensitive natures so they can soldier on and do what seems to be necessary to get by. This is a deeply grounding essence. Perhaps that is why Native Americans used it in a sacred manner. It helps people feel at peace. I use it in my "Restful Nights (Restful Sleep)" formula ( ) and many people trying to quit smoking find it useful for letting go of the compulsions that make this kind of addiction take hold.  

I just added Nicotiana flower essence to my Etsy shop at dosage strength (ready to use without dilution) and infused with Reiki.

Dogwood Flower Essence and Upworthy for Positive Body Image

I recently put Reiki-infused dosage strength (ready to use without diluting) bottles of Dogwood flower essence in my Etsy shop. Dogwood is for more grace and ease with physical reality. It can help with having a better relationship with your own body especially if you have a disability or look different from society's ideals, have been physically abused, or suffer from physical challenges. I was thinking about what I wanted to write about it when I opened my Facebook feed and here was this video produced by Upworthy right above a photograph I had shared depicting a Dogwood tree in full bloom. The video was about creating awareness and more acceptance for differently abled people by creating mannequins from some people who volunteered and dressing them in beautiful clothing in a city store window. Perfect timing! And I can take a hint so I'm sharing that video with you.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Putting Your Needs First with Flower Essence Aromatherapy

Mama Love for Putting Your Needs First

Well, that happened fast! In my last newsletter, I asked about what I should name this formula for women having a hard time making the time and following through with their commitment to take care of themselves better. I was calling it "Putting Your Needs First" which didn't seem quite right but my customers disagreed. Not only that, they wanted some for themselves. So, what used to be a custom made-on-demand product with handwritten labels just went into my regular list. That means I've been designing and printing labels, doing photos and creating new listings on Etsy half the day. And I'm not done but I'm putting MY needs first. After I post this announcement, I'm taking a break!

You can find Putting Your Needs first as flower essence aromatherapy spray infused with Reiki in my Etsy shop.

It is also available in traditional flower essence only dropper bottle form and as an unscented flower essence spray. (also infused with Reiki)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Making Your Own All Natural Leave-in Hair Conditioner

This is a recipe featuring Marshmallow Root I might actually try because I've been looking for a leave-in conditioner since my favorite brand stopped making theirs. But I would add a little Rosemary Oil and Vitamin E to help preserve it and a touch of Lavender to make it smell good. If you want to try it, I just added Organic Marshmallow Root to my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Making Natural Marshmallows from Scratch the Old-Fashioned Way

Wow! I will never do this. But I bet a lot of my readers will think it's a challenge worth accepting. It will certainly give you a great appreciation for why people no longer tend to make marshmallows this way! But it could be great fun to do with your kids.

And if you should want to, I just added Organic Marshmallow Root to my Etsy shop! It also makes a great  (and I think tasty) addition to medicinal teas -- useful for sore throats and after dinner digestion.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Deerbrush Flower Essence for Knowing Your Inner Truth

Deerbrush Flower Essence, © Copyright 2014 Sheryl Karas
With the intense focus on truth and lack thereof dominating our national consciousness at the current time, I found myself thinking about Deerbrush flower essence, the flower remedy for knowing your inner truth and acting in congruence with your true feelings. It's easy to condemn people who lie or spin the truth. Again, these days it's hard not to be swept up in it. But in reality a lot of us try to hide our true feelings in order to protect ourselves or get along in certain situations. Sometimes we have mixed feelings or inner conflicts that haven't been resolved. "Sure, I'd love to take your job offer—I'm sure I'll do a great job typing your correspondence and filing all day long," says the disorganized but starving artist desperate to get a job. They might even talk themselves into believing that will be true. Deerbrush can be thought of as a cleansing formula -- clearing out the spiritual and mental / emotional debris that gets in the way of knowing your true feelings and acting accordingly.

I've just made Reiki-infused Deerbrush dosage bottles and sprays available in my Etsy shop.