Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Healing a Broken Heart with Flower Essences and Aromatherapy

I'm in my semi-regular restocking campaign. Tonight's project was my flower essence aromatherapy formula "Healing a Broken Heart." This is  one of the newest ones on my list and it is also available as a scented spray and as a flower essence-only dropper bottle and unscented spray.

I've haven't been talking about my old line of flower essence aromatherapy formulas on the blog very often these days because I have been focussing on unscented flower essence dropper bottles and sprays for more than a year. My interest in flower essences, after all, is what started this journey so many years ago. But it was my love of scent that started me in business. And it was my interest in a particular essential oil, Helichrysum, that enticed me to offer this particular formula in an essential-oil enhanced oil and spray.

Helichrysum has an interesting scent—it smells "green" and spicy and I like it very much. The essential oil has quite the reputation for healing scars, healing bruises, even helping the body mend more serious injuries. That's not why I have ever used it—I'm looking at its emotional effects but that is also about healing from deep injury! In particular, it is of benefit in processing trauma, helping to resolve old buried feelings as well as new grief, shame and heartbreak.

The flower essences in this formula are very therapeutic. It contains Star of Bethlehem, Bleeding Heart, and Walnut for healing shock or trauma, soothing the longing for the one you love, and letting go of how things used to be. Essential oils are not absolutely needed for my formulas to work—they are based on the flower essences. But I thought that these essences combined with Helichrysum and the other heavenly-smelling and emotionally-soothing essentials oils of Lavender, Neroli, and Ylang Ylang would be incredibly effective.

It's for heartbreak of many sorts—especially loss of a loved one to death, divorce, or relationship break-up. It can help you process the intense emotions involved and allow your heart to let go of what used to be so you can rest easier at night and move on step by step.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Support for Traumatic Times from Mama Love

Tonight I was making a new batch of my flower essence and aromatherapy formula "Support for Troubled Times." This was my first product about 14 years ago and was one of the most popular ones for years and years. But in the last couple of years I've seen a shift. Other products are being asked for (many others) but LESS of this one.

How unusual. This is the best product on my list for the times we're going through. I can hardly bear to turn on the news anymore or read what's in my Facebook feed. Climate change, Donald Trump, income inequality, Donald Trump, homelessness, Donald Trump, our broken healthcare system, Donald Trump, racism, Donald Trump, sexism, Donald Trump, corruption in politics, DONALD TRUMP. Every day, all day, over and over.

Personally, I think that these days the name "Support for Troubled Times" is way too much of an understatement. We want "Support for Traumatic Times!"

Well, I'm not changing my labels yet but it's the same product that I would recommend.

The flower essences in it are Splendid Mariposa Lily, Green-Cross Gentian, Star of Bethlehem, and Self-Heal. I've always described this combination like this: "For when you need a hug and only Mama will do, for the ability to persist when things feel so hard you don't know if you can manage it, soothing support for shock or trauma, and for supporting a deep sense of wholeness from the inside out."

The aromatherapy oil version also contains Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Angelica, and Rosewood for helping you feel loved, safe, grounded and protected, to ease sadness and pain, to encourage relaxation, and ease a worried mind.

I also make it as an aromatherapy spray and as unscented flower essence-only dropper bottles and unscented sprays.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Pussy Paws Flower Essence for Addressing Fear of Being Touched

Pussy Paws Flower Essence, dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays
Pussy Paws is an unusual looking plant to find out on a hike in the High Sierras. The plant is low to the ground with leaves and flowers that radiate out in a circular fashion. The rigid flower stalks are topped by soft flowers (like a kitten's paws) and bow down to the ground as well.

The flower essence is also grounding. It helps a person who has experienced trauma that pushed them to harden themselves in order to survive, especially on the emotional level. It, of course, served the purpose of protection. But over time this hardening limits a person's life and keep you from fully healing.

Pussy Paws can allow you to, like the plant, reach out to gently caress the sweet physical parts of being alive. It opens you up to touch and to be touched, gently, with sensitivity and compassion.

I have Reiki infused, dosage strength, dropper bottles and sprays of Pussy Paws Flower Essence in my Etsyy shop.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Scarlet Frittilary Flower Essence for Regaining Your Inner Fire and Vitality

Scarlett Frittilary Flower Essence, Reiki infused Dosage Strength Dropper Bottles and Sprays
Scarlet Frittilary flowers stand on weak-looking spindly stems but, even so, the flowers are bold, full of vitality and strength. It's a member of the Lily family with all the femaleness that implies. But it decidedly embodies the masculine Yang fire as well.

This flower essence is recommended for women who have lost their strength in the process of pregnancy, childbirth, lactation or early child-rearing. It helps integrate Yin and Yang—being strong, fiercely capable and active while maintaining your fully Yin female self.

I have Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Scarlet Frittilary Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Spreading Phlox Flower Essence for Finding Soul Connections

Spreading Phlox Flower Essence, dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays
I've been pretty lucky, at least in my adult life, to have found friends, housemates and life partners who I have shared deep connections with. I'm not really much into superficial chit chat. It's pleasant, sure, but I prefer really getting to know people and being able to be myself and share about things that matter. I've been told that's unusual. 

Unfortunately, that has been far less true since we moved to Chico. In all my last jobs I enjoyed a lot of friendly encounters that helped (and still help) me feel connected to the greater community. But people I feel deeply aligned with in terms of purpose or life mission have been much harder to find. I recently stepped out of my comfort zone, however, and have a new job that is introducing me to very different people and experiences. I'm not completely at home there either (yet) but I love the enthusiasm and commitment this group of people tends to share. It's exposing me to new ideas. And that's been encouraging. 

Staying insulated in the same groups we always hang out in can stifle our growth. Spreading Phlox Flower Essence can open you up to new opportunities by helping you feel like spreading beyond your current social and family groups. That could lead to a new job or career direction, or to a new group of friends who introduce you to experiences you need for your growth and development, people aligned with your Soul purpose or Higher destiny. That could lead to meeting the love of your life! Or just what you need to lighten your way, break isolation, and bring a deeper love of living.
I have Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Spreading Phlox Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Redbud Flower Essence for Acceptance of Your Aging Body

Redbud Flower Essence dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays

Wrinkles and saggy boobs and puffy under-eye bags,
Liver spots and extra pounds that make you feel like an old hag.
Looking at chin lifts and your plastic surgery budget,
Are these things more important than the list of your bucket?

Alright! I know. My attempt to rewrite "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music" sucks! But when I look in the mirror at the age of 60, I don't see my favorite older female role model's lifted and pulled back face looking back at me! I've hit an age I can't seem to apply to myself but the mirror doesn't lie. Ms. Natural Woman here, who let herself go grey on purpose, is having a bit of a hard time with the result of that!

Should I really admit to these things? Oh, why not! I'm about to devise a Woman Getting Older and Not Liking It potion for myself and I do believe Redbud is going to have to be in it.

Redbud Flower Essence is for people having a hard time with the material aspects of older life. You might like some aspects of this time, but looking and feeling old is tripping you up! In the most extreme case, you might be obsessed with cosmetic surgery, anti-aging supplements, and unusual medical technologies for extending your life. You might be attempting to hold back time with everything you've got!

Redbud can help you love yourself the way you are, all through the aging process. It can help you find a type of rejuvenation of spirit and body through acceptance of the natural cycles of life. (Life and death.)

I have Reiki infused dosage strength dropper bottles and sprays of Redbud Flower Essence in my Etsy shop.