The Energy of Life Purpose Using Wild Oat Flower Essence

In preparation for writing this article about Wild Oat Flower Essence I decided to use it myself. I'm familiar with Wild Oat. I use it in my Manifesting Life Purpose perfume and I consider it to be the key ingredient in that formula. But I never have used Wild Oat on its own.

Interesting enough I haven't, in recent years, believed I needed help in knowing my life purpose except for the fact that I frequently believe there's more than one and don't know how to integrate them all ... people who know what Wild Oat is really for are laughing at me right now :-) ... we'll get to that in future blogs. But despite the fact that I've been disregarding the importance of that key issue, I have been aware that, at least in the world of paid employment, that I haven't always known how to fulfill my purposes (sigh) on the job! This has had a detrimental impact on my peace of mind and financial well-being, to say the least. So that's what I thought I'd be focusing on, at least to start.

Earlier this week I began using Wild Oat flower essence and what have I discovered so far? I must have needed this a lot more than I realized! It had an immediate and very noticeable effect. I felt as if the energy that was stuck in my heart was being, I would have to say, forcibly rooted deep into the earth. It was shocking, actually, because I didn't know I needed this healing to such a great extent. (One thing I've noticed most with flower essences--and healing of all sorts--is that they work most powerfully when you need them most and have almost no effect if you either haven't chosen the right one or don't need it at all.)

As I took my flower essence over the day I noticed some profound differences in effect as time went on. Earlier I felt the connection between heart and ground -- and that continued throughout the day -- but by evening the energy had shifted so it no longer went in one direction (down) only. It went from my heart up to heaven at one point and, later still, after that conduit cleared out, from heart to earth and back up to heaven again.

Have I lost anybody yet? I'll try to bring the explanation "down to earth" -- physical understanding-- once again.

Paul, the spiritual techy in my life, told me yesterday that "Everything on the planet, even dead things, operate like an energy circuit." I had to look this up on the internet to find out what he meant. He had started to wax philosophically about the beauty of open and closed electrical circuits and how that was similar to the spiritual connectivity of all things but I didn't understand what he was talking about so we changed the subject. I can now explain this much, however: In a closed (or complete) circuit energy flows from a source of energy to some desired endpoint and ideally, to use our energy properly, that's what ought to happen. But, as in electrical wiring of all sorts, things can go wrong to interrupt the proper functioning of our energy systems. Blown fuses, faulty wiring, accidentally or purposely disconnecting something, that kind of thing. In the case of human functioning, though, belief systems have the largest effect.

Think of the words "energy source" as a spiritual connection that goes through our core from the top of our heads, down our spines, and out through its base that doesn't stop there but actually connects heaven and earth. Our heart is at the center of this energy system and when someone spiritual says to "Follow the dictates of your heart" what they're really intimating is that God is at the center of our lives and the heart is the source of our understanding.

Following our hearts, by the way, only works in conjunction with our minds and the work of our hands. So what happens if your heart says "I want xyz" and your brain says "What?!! Are you crazy? We can't have that!"

There goes your connection! The energy can no longer flow.

So, back to life purpose and Wild Oat flower essence. Do you see how it works? It helps clear out the circuits we need to make between mind, body and spirit. Much more to come...
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Anne Vis said…
Great article! Did you also make different choices or notice any change that could relate to a clarifiction of purpose or change of direction in your life?
Sheryl Karas said…
I'm still working with this and expect to need to stick with it for more than a week but I have had interesting dreams. I have also been almost wakened up about my flower essence work. That started earlier when I first used Larkspur...I wrote about that a week or so ago. I wasn't writing often about my flower essence work before. Now I want to do something every day!
Sheryl Karas said…
One thing I have noticed since using the Wild Oat is that I've been FOCUSSED! No dithering around about whether I should do this or that. I've known exactly what I've wanted to do for a couple of days now and have just been doing it!
Anne Vis said…
That's interesting, that being so focused! I felt exactly the same thing after I had my Reconnection (connects you to cosmic and earth grid, so from your description of how the energy was flowing in your body, same thing!) Cool!
Sheryl Karas said…
It IS interesting. A lot of the energy healing work I do has incorporated this very same concept. I'm going to have to write about things I've learned from doing that before long.

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