Flower Essences that Embody the Spirit of Christmas, PDF Download


Cover of Spirit of Christmas PDF Download

I have a real fascination with the folklore of plants and have written quite a lot in this blog and elsewhere on the intersection of flower essences and ancient folk wisdom. I think ancient people, who were so much more in touch with the natural world than we are today, were able to capture the essence of what those plants had to teach in their folklore and often in the names they gave the plants themselves. 

Every year at Christmas time I share blog posts I have written about the flower essences that embody the spirit of Christmas. I've gone into depth into what some of the spiritual connections are for three of the flower essence plants most associated with the celebration of Christmas either by use or by name: Pine, Holly, and Star of Bethlehem. You can still find them here by writing the names of those essences in the search bar associated with this blog. But this year I also decided to create a compilation of those articles and make them available as an inexpensive PDF Download.


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